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Chris Robinson has been passionately teaching Martial Arts (Karate, Aikido, Boxing, Judo, Wing Chun & Jeet Kune Do) for over 25 years. He has taught at various Martial Arts schools throughout the Fairfield County area, as well as in private instruction. He is a member of the USJA.


​ Throughout his Martial Arts education, Chris has trained with some of the true legendary greats including Shiguru Oyama, Judo Grandmaster Sidney Kelly, Shihan Matthew Melisi, and Boxing legend "Tiger" Ted Lowry (who twice went, 10 full rounds with the legend himself, Rocky Marciano). He has trained under many other great Martial Arts instructors as well including Senior Full Jeet Kune Do Master, Bill Pavlik (N.E Jeet Kune Do) who was Paul Vunak's (Progressive Fighting Systems inc.) student for over 20 years. He has attended numerous schools, seminars and private instruction to further his Martial Arts education.


  He is the author of the book BEYOND The Wooden Dummy and has worked as a stuntman in motion pictures films and has also been a personal bodyguard to Actor / Martial Arts Master, Steven Seagal.


 He is the owner and head instructor of JEET KUNE DO COMBAT ARTS LLC.


 Chris works professionally in a Law Enforcement  career as a Full- time Police Officer with over 15 years of experience. He has formulated his Martial Arts and Law Enforcement experience and training to be more suited and applicable for real life situations rather then traditional movements that may or may not work in actually combat circumstances. 


 He holds multiple Black Belt rankings in Martial Arts, but does not solely believe entirely in the "belt system" but rather in "the ability to effectively use what you learn for real life street applications, should the need for such ever arise." 


 He has trained in bodybuilding, powerlifting and in strength conditioning for many years as well and has helped many reach and exceed their goals . He really enjoys training and teaching in all areas of Martial Arts, Weightlifting and Overall Fitness & openly shares his knowledge with others because he is very passionate and truly believes in what he is doing.  

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