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Remember, you saw it here first!


This is truly a one of a kind Martial Arts training tool that has never been seen before. It has many features and functions that make it an invaluable part of your training regimen regardless of the style in which you train.


It's as close to a live training partner as you can get!

3 Active Absorption Impact Pads

( Top Section/Head and Mid Section/Abdominal Area & Knee Area)


Adhereing to the traditional style of the Japanese culture, these Makiwara pads are designed with 2 inches of high denisty foam overlayed in a soft, yet very durable cotton canvas layering. Combining the best of tradition, safety and functionality, but this is just the start!


The Active Absorbtion Impact Pad System is specifically designed to prevent injury to your joints and fragile bones such as your knuckles and wrist while still protecting the larger joints such as your elbow & shoulder. Its spring loaded recoil compression system absorbs the impact  and reduces shock trauma significantly!


This is one of the most safest Makiwara style punching devices on the market today. It is capable of absorbing punches with more than 400 pounds of pressure. The harder the punch, the more energy it will absorb!

Active Action Response Arm


The Active Action Response Arm gives an unbelievable feeling of realistic movement and response, especially for Trapping. Trapping is an essential part of Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do.


The spring is made of industrial strength steel, which makes it virtually indestructable while still allowing functional movement to be applied and practiced. The arm itself is constructed of heavy duty triple laminated Red Oak Wood to withstand constant use & abuse!


It can generate anywhere from 1 to approximately 50 pounds of active resistive pressure depending on your workout & training intensity.


The way the Active Action Response System works is the more pressure you use, the quicker and stronger it responds back with opposite energy making it seem like a real life opponent.  Great for Chi Sau, Pak Sau, Lop Sau & many other Wing Chun Trapping Drills. 

Impact Shock Absorption Knee Pad

The latest design of the PRO XL model is the Impact Shock Absorbtion Knee Pad System, featuring four independant recoil compression springs that absorb maximum impact when executing powerful knee strikes as well as low strikes with the hands such as groin strikes. ​It allows the user to hit with extreme force, while preventing, reducing and eliminating serious injury to the knee and other joints.  

Active Response Shock Pedal


Low line kicking is a crucial part of many Martial Arts especially Jeet Kune Do and Japanese styles such as Shotokan Karate. With the new design of the Active Action Response Kick Pedal, it feels like your actually kicking someone and more importantly it is designed to reduce knee, ankle and hip pressure by actively moving with your pressure, yet still allowing for feedback. 


It features a dual high- tension recoil spring system that are seated deep  inside the hardwood to provide ultimate durability during hard training sessions.


*A newly added feature is the Active Action Response Kick Pedal. It features a pre-loaded quadrant spring pad, that really helps with kicking angles to increase the feel and accuracy of kicking whether it be your heel, ball or flat part of you foot. Each recoil spring is capable of more than 500 pounds of kicking pressure, so it's built to last!


For added asthetics, a traditional style rope wrapping covers the dummy adding to its natural & traditional style.

The PRO XL has a "QUAD Zone System", featuring:


4 Striking areas all with their own independant Impact Absorption System each composed of  4 independantly working compression springs.  


With the "4 Zone" Striking area, you are able to practice all of your punching and striking from high to low. The entire range of head to shins is covered including a special designed kickpedal and angled abdominal striking area as well as a knee strike region. 

 Combat Dummy 



6 Striking Zones


All featuring:

a heavy duty, specially designed Impact Absorption System, with 4 quadrant compression springs in each zone,made with premium Red Oak Wood & 2"thick high- density polytreated foam. 


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